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Solo Show

5th July.—15th Aug.

Shang Hai, China

No.307-309, Jia Shan Road, Xu Hui District

IYOUTH is pleased to present "MOSS PEOPLE", Kim Simonsson's first solo exhibition in China, with 15 new sculptors showcasing the artist's imaginative, fairytale-like world.

Moss People are humanoid lifeforms that originate from another dimension in the multiverse. Covered in moss, they share the same level of intelligence and emotion as humans. They carry familiar objects but are imbued with different meanings. Their civilization may seem akin to ours yet they have different views regarding nature, technology, and progress. With their unique identity and way of life, the Moss People have appeared in IYOUTH's space, just in time to have an intriguing encounter with us.


Kim Simonsson graduated as a ceramics major from the University of Arts and Design in 2000 and was chosen as Finland’s Young Artist of the Year in 2004. His early ceramic works resemble characters that escaped from a manga. These uncolored white sculptures are a modern and irreverent interpretation of a Meissen figurine with a manga influence in its aesthetic. At this time, the themes of Simonsson's sculptures are primarily rebellious, dark scenes that are filled with intense emotions and dramatic conflict. His figures are indeed sublime in the way they convey emotion. Simonsson is a superb sculptor who uses clay to create masterful works that tell a deeper story.

Simonsson lived in Canada during the early 2000s, and it was at this time, he was exposed to the flocking technique. After continuous experimentation and application, he finally created a moss-like texture with a natural green color using nylon in 2012. The series of life-sized sculptures coated in this nylon flock is called "Moss People”, and depicts innocent yet beguiling child figures, leading the viewer into a familiar yet enchanting world inspired by the forests of Finland.

Simonsson is an internationally recognized artist whose works are found in Finnish and foreign collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Espoo Museum of Modern Art. "Moss People" was selected as one of Artnet’s “Nine Fascinating Objects” at 2016 Design Miami.







Johan Sjöström

"Kim Simonsson opens up an intense private-mythological world. His sculptures in glazed stoneware operate on both sides of the threshold of consciousness. These physical objects have a strangely timeless quality as if they were quiet representatives of a detailed but unknown borderland."



Ken Johnson

"A strange, enchanted sadness runs through Mr. Simonsson's work, as though he were trying to connect to some abandoned magical place in his own psyche."


World Contemporary Ceramics

"Simonsson's works make it easy to go along with Jacques Lacan's idea that the gaze comes or is focused from outside the individual."

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